Mary of Scotland (1936)-Reviewed by Anita **

John Ford and Leslie Goodwin give a stab at directing Katharine Hepburn in Mary of Scotland a take on the historic battle of the two queens.  That being Mary and Elizabeth. Along side Hepburn the film also features actors Fredric March and Florence Eldridge.

Recently widowed Mary Stuart (Hepburn) returns from France to her home Scotland.  She has come home to claim her throne but is opposed by her half-brother and her own lords.  As we have learned throughout history you can never trust the ones you have trusted all along.  And the lords that support are picky to say the least.

The action really starts off with Elizabeth (Florence Eldridge) holding court with her advisors gearing her up for the battle of the century.  We all know from history these two women fought harder than any two Kings we can think of.  Very bitter, very bloody.

As promised by history the film has its share of battle but it is mostly a romantic take on Mary’s life.  Hepburn is spirited in her role making it a better film than I really think it would be without her.   There are scandals and such but as for historically accurate I have to say maybe.  I liked it but I would not go out of my way to stay up late and watch it again.  I have seen better takes on the subject that were a bit more historically correct.

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1 Response to Mary of Scotland (1936)-Reviewed by Anita **

  1. cobblerjon says:

    Hey, good review! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it, but now I can skip on to a more modern take. Thanks!

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