What are you watching for 4th of July (commentary by Anita)

Are you getting ready for a long weekend camping?  Maybe  you are having a family/neighborhood BBQ and fire works?  Perhaps you are going to a city-wide event after a day of parades and hot dogs?  Whatever you have planned there is always time to celebrate the holiday with a good movie.

4th of July means different things to different folks but America wide we celebrate the fact we are independent.  We also celebrate the folks that made that possible.  With that in mind I have a few title suggestions for you who are not sure what you want to watch.  Now of course we all know Independence Day is coming out Friday.  But have you seen the Disney movie Johnny Tremain?  It’s a great example of what a boy gives up for the sake of his country during the Revolutionary War.  Pretty deep for Disney.  An American classic about the 60’s and change is American Graffiti.  A social commentary of how we were thinking and living in the 60’s.  One of my favorites is The General’s Daughter. I do not care how many times I see this film I can watch it again.  This is a real lesson in loyalty in the Army.  A great who-done-it.  Want some scary adventure how about Platoon ?  If you like to have something smooth I recommend Southern Comfort, you will think twice before just hiking around the bayou.

Everybody has a war-time movie favorite.  Be it fighting aliens, or invasion from a wanna be big shot misinformed leader– Americans love their independence.  Watch how much in a movie this holiday and tell us about it.  We will keep you posted between hot dogs, apple pie and movie trailers.  Happy 4th of July!

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