Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014) – reviewed by George

The backstory: Amanda Waller (voice of CCH Pounder) had Riddler (voice of Matthew Gray Gubler) kidnapped to get back secret files he stole from her, but Batman (voice of Kevin Conroy) kidnapped him back and put him in Arkham.
Now Amanda has kidnapped a whole new Suicide Squad of seven villains, and named them Task Force X. They are Killer Frost, King Shark, Black Spider, Captain Boomerang, KGBeast, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot. Their voices are provided by Jennifer Hale, John DiMaggio, Giancarlo Esposito, Greg Ellis, Nolan North, Hynden Walch, and Neal McDonough, respectively. These seven are convicts with no hope of release, now serving as expendable agents for impossible missions, and this time Amanda wants them to evade Arkham Asylum’s security, get in, and steal Riddler’s cane, which contains the files he stole, files which detail every member of the Suicide Squad: identities, backgrounds, methods, etc. Task Force X goes to Cobblepot (voice of Nolan North) for plans and layouts that will get them into Arkham.
There’s also a dirty bomb hidden somewhere in Gotham, courtesy of the Joker (voice of Troy Baker), so eventually Batman will arrive at Arkham to force the Joker to give him the location. As everyone converges on the asylum there are plenty of confrontations. Actually the first occurs in Waller’s office where the team quickly goes from seven to six.
The short film (1:15) is filled with action, and I would give it an R rating for sex, partial nudity, and gory deaths (heads explode). I liked it a lot.
Written by Heath Corson, and Directed by Jay Oliva and Ethan Spaulding.

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