The Big Bang (2011) – reviewed by George

This is an extraordinary movie! It’s a classic film noir told in a totally original way: the photography, the lighting, even the set design, are new and different. And not only the technical things are original, but also the way the story starts out classic and then morphs. How original, you say? Well, Simon Kestrel (Sam Elliott) is a tech billionaire who has built a super-collider in the Arizona desert, hence the title, and he is convinced he will find the God Particle.
The classic set-up is three detectives interrogating a suspect, the private investigator Ned Cruz (Antonio Banderas). The three are Frizer (Thomas Kretschmann), Poley (William Fichtner), and Skeres (Delroy Lindo), and they are accusing him of five murders. He has been badly beaten and possibly due to head trauma he cannot see. He finally agrees to cooperate, and reminds Frizer that he (Frizer) was there at the beginning – at the home of movie star Adam Nova (James Van Der Beek), the scene of a murder (first of the five). We see Cruz’s story in true noir flashback.
To say more would just be criminal; this is a film that must be experienced.
Written by Erik Jendresen, Photographed by Shelly Johnson, and Directed by Tony Krantz, with Music by Johnny Marr, Production Design by Steve Arnold and Set Decoration by Lia Roldan, I think this is a major achievement. I can’t believe I had never heard of it and only got it from Netflix because it starred Antonio Banderas, one of my favorite actors. The film also features Robert Ernie Lee as the first murder victim, Robert Maillet as the client who gets Cruz into this, Sienna Guillory and Autumn Reeser as the two principal female characters, and Jimmi Simpson as Kestral’s main science dude. You will also recognize Rebecca Mader, Snoop Dog, and Bill Duke.
One clue: who is Lexi Persimmon? Man, is this ever recommended!

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