TV Quote # 53: The Graham Norton Show, Season 19, Episode 13

Four of the five stars of this summer’s “Ghostbusters” reboot were on the sofa, and they were talking about the absent one. The consensus seemed to be that he (Chris Hemsworth)  is just too good (and too good-looking) to be real.
Melissa McCarthy: “I have never rooted for someone maybe to be just an unbelievable jerk. I just needed something to be wrong with him.”
Kristen Wiig: “And there was nothing.”
Leslie Jones: “Nothing. He’s hilarious.”….”Did you bring writers or something?”
Melissa also didn’t like that he could sing well. “I’m going to pretend that you’re a terrible singer, so I know you’e human.”
Kate McKinnon: “I bet he doesn’t even have boogers.”
Leslie: “Or if he does have boogers, they taste like corn flakes.”

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