TV Quote # 54 – The Graham Norton Show, Season 19, Episode 14

The guests were Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley (plugging the new movie version of “Absolutely Fabulous”) and Rebel Wilson (plugging the same movie where she worked for one day, but mainly her stepping into the role of Miss Adelaide in the current West End hit revival of “Guys and Dolls”).
Graham was showing some modeling shots of Joanna from a few years back, since her modeling history is largely unknown today. Joanna had already protested that she only modeled from the ages of 18 to 22, when Graham showed a photo of her astride a motorbike in a very sexy dress – super short skirt and loops for sleeves, with upswept hair and a pouty expression.
Joanna: That’s not modeling; I was 40 when that picture was taken.
Rebel: How old are you now?
Joanna: The truth is that picture was for something completely different. It was for – funnily enough, it was for something like Children in Need… and the dress was sold in aid, and that was Patrick Lichfield’s motorbike.
Rebel: ‘Cause when I look at that photo, I think “Children in Need”.

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