How many re-makes? Observation by Anita

Pete’s Dragon, Ghostbusters, Tarzan, Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka, and many more…. What do you think of re-making a film?  Sometimes I like the idea.  I like to see a new take on an existing idea.  However I’m noticing a theme in Hollywood and that is re-doing everything.  In my opinion some films stand on their own and should be left alone.  You’d have to be a pretty daring person to try to do a new version of Citizen Kane,  or Touch of Evil for example.  What I’m really getting at we are simply bombarded by remakes.  Is there no original thought?  We realize there are truly a few basic story lines and we twist them as we see fit depending on our take of society in the moment.  We really see this happening in fairy tale themes, or docudramas dealing with an event in history.  My irk is that a lot of the films being re-done and in the theater today do not need a reinterpretation.  From my observation they are simply adding a bunch of high-tech tricks to a films that stood on their own when they were originally made.  Often I find myself irritated with the actor that has been cast in roles that were filled by some mighty big shoes.  Sadly today’s actors often have difficulty being understood as a great deal of the dialog is mush-mouth. Not every theme needs to rehashed, not every remake is crap.  I still would like to see more original takes on themes rather than adding some tricks and a new face to a film that has proven the test of time.  They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it can also be seen as lack of imagination.  Hey, what do you think?

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