Lady Hawk (1985) Reviewed by Anita ***.5

This is a wonderful story.  Directed by Richard Donner Lady Hawk is done in the true tradition of good vs. evil.  Our story opens with the daring escape of the spirited thief Philip Gaston (Matthew Broderick).  He is a most wanted young man as he has done the impossible and that is successfully getting out of the dreaded dungeons of Aquila.  During Gaston’s flight for freedom he ends up the unlikely companion of the mysterious Navarre (Rutger Hauer).  Navarre is the former Capt. of the guard for the evil Bishop of Aquila (John Woods).  Trust me folks when I say evil I mean EVIL.  Navarre has fallen in love with the beautiful Lady Isabeau d’Anjour (Michelle Pfeiffer) as has the Bishop.  In an effort to keep the star-crossed lovers apart the Bishop turns to black magic punishing them for eternity.  By night Navarre is transformed into a wolf and by day the broken-hearted Isabeau becomes the hawk.  They are locked together, however they are only human together for the brief moments before the sun rises and sets, doomed to endure half-lives.  Gaston becomes the unlikely Earth Angel the two needed to break the enchantment that has plagued the couple for two years.

Action-packed, the film has a great pace.  Supporting characters are just as entertaining as the star roles.  Wonderful script.  Broderick’s Gaston is not only cute, but as only Broderick can do has some of the best dialog in the film.  You will laugh as well as be on the edge of your seat.  Lady Hawk is a story chucked full of Medieval themes that have held us a captive audience for centuries.  Sword fights, magic, religion, and close calls are all in this movie.  Get the family on the couch, grab your sword as well as spell book and watch Lady Hawk. 

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One Response to Lady Hawk (1985) Reviewed by Anita ***.5

  1. Paul S says:

    Ladyhawke is a beautiful movie, with an ethereal Michelle Pfeiffer, lovely scenery, fine horses and justice at the end. My kind of show!

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