TV Quote # 57 – Angie Tribeca – Season 2, Episode 9, “Contains Graphic Designer Violence”

Police Detective Angie (Rashida Jones) has been arrested for murder and Abigail Lukin of Internal Affairs (Mary McCormack) enters the holding room. Lukin sees the blank legal pad in front of Angie and says: “Is that your statement?”, and smirks.
Angie says, “Yep.”
Lukin: “We’ve got you, Tribeca. You signed out the murder weapon yesterday at 9 AM. It was found near the crime scene in a dumpster, along with some of your hair, a to-do list in your handwriting with “murder” crossed off, and a sandwich with a bite taken out of it that we matched to your dental records. AND this vanity license plate.”  Holds it up. It reads, “ANGIECOP1”.
Lukin, triumphantly and loudly: “Take her away!” Looks around – no one else is there.
Lukin, very subdued: “Come with me.”

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