Brick Mansions (2014) – reviewed by George

Brick Mansions is a housing project in Detroit which the mayor (Bruce Ramsay) blames for the city’s rise in crime. He has already declared it a no-go zone and has built a 40-foot wall around the approximately 20 acres, with police checkpoints to monitor all movement in and out. Now he wants to bulldoze it and build eco-friendly residences, exclusive shops, and offices. When questioned by potential investors, the mayor says, “I can assure you that all the people of this fine city will be taken care of.”
Inside Brick Mansions Lino (David Belle) is destroying drugs he stole from the local crime lord and his gang. This would be Tremaine Alexander (RZA), who has sent a squad led by his right hand K2 (Gouchy Boy) and his very vicious girlfriend Rayzah (Ayisha Issa) to kill Lino and retrieve the drugs. Lino completes the destruction and escapes in a really great parkour sequence. But Lino has a vulnerability – his girlfriend Lola (Catalina Denis).
The star, Paul Walker, now appears playing Damien Collier, working for George the Greek (Carlo Rota), who runs a large drug-making operation. The Greek is sending Damien in to Brick Mansions late at night to meet Tremaine and replace (at an excellent price) the drugs Lino destroyed. But Damien is undercover and is supposed to alert his team of police when George takes him to the drug factory.
This is Paul Walker’s next to last film (before “Furious 7”), and it is an action lover’s dream. Fast-paced and colorful (and well-lit), I really enjoyed it. The film is a Franco-Canadian co-production and was directed by Camille Delamarre and written by Luc Besson and Bibi Naceri. And I didn’t even mention the man-mountain henchman called Yeti (Robert Maillet) or the nuclear bomb!

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