Toddlers and Tiaras (2016) Reviewed by Anita 0*

I just have to share my thoughts on this reality show.  Toddlers and Tiaras is a window into bad parenting and installation of bad morals/character traits.  These little girls (who should be thought of as lovely and nurtured) are pawns in a game of ‘Mom missed out’.  They are spoiled and pumped up as if they deserve to be waited on hand and foot.  I am sure there are folks out there thinking beauty pageants are the way to go.  I don’t. I believe they give little girls a slanted view on reality.  Beauty fades but brains last forever.

As far as beauty goes, these little girls are made up like some of today’s leading actresses.  Fake teeth (because they are losing theirs).  Spray tans.  Fake hair pieces.  The dresses alone can cost as much as a house payment.  Also, the energy level must be a certain high vibe.  In the event little Jane is not feeling so perky we will just dose her with pixie sticks and Red Bull.  There is nothing like the melt down a 7-year-old little girl has when she has not won and has more caffeine going though her than a Crack Head on the street does.

Screaming.  Temper tantrums.  Disrespectfully blaming mom (which I do as well) for not winning.  Followed by Mom getting into a screaming match with the winner’s mother.  Better yet, when said mom hauls her darling out like a rag sack of potatoes to yell at the judges who have no idea what real beauty is, is just awesome.  One can see the child was set up for failure in the respect realm from the get go.

I do laugh at the melt-downs.  I get a kick out of them losing.  I giggle at the poor sportsmanship demonstrated by parent and child alike.  If you want to see what your little girl should not be watch Toddlers and Tiaras.  You will see it’s not little boys made of puppy dog tails and snails.  Trust me.

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