Motive: Season 4, Episode 8, “Foreign Relations”, broadcast in Canada July 12, 2016 and in USA August 21, 2016 – reviewed by George

In this unusual program you start out knowing the killer and the victim, but you can’t imagine what the connection between them might be. This is how it works, using last Sunday’s episode as an example.
On a college campus a fraternity is exploiting its pledges to raise money for a campus cause. The pledges are near naked and blindfolded while other students rent loaded paint guns and fire at will. One snot keeps aiming high and inflicting serious pain on the young man he’s picked to torment. “No shooting above the chest!”, the upperclassman in charge yells out. “I paid my money”, the bad guy says, as if that was any kind of justification. “Alright, Rambo”, the other says, and takes the gun away from him. When threatened with reprisal, the man we thought was a jackass and has now been revealed as at least somewhat protective of his pledges, aims the gun at the jerk’s crotch. Freeze-frame and the word “Victim” appears printed on the screen beside the defender’s head.
A freshman girl, accompanied by her older sister, who is a hot-looking, well-put-together fashion designer, is moving in to a dorm. They argue over the older girl’s supervision as opposed to the younger girl’s independence. Freeze frame and the word “Killer” appears beside the fashion designer’s head.
You can imagine several possible connections between the Killer and the Victim, but generally in this show you will be wrong. And this episode ended with two surprises other than the “Motive”.
I look forward to this Canadian show, which is shown here on USA Network, and never miss it. The stars are Kristin Lehman as Detective Angie Flynn, Louis Ferreira as Staff Sergeant Oscar Vega, Brendan Penny as Detective Brian Lucas, and Lauren Holly as Doctor Betty Rogers, the Medical Examiner. And the stories are always good. I think it’s refreshing to have to figure out the motive instead of whodunnit.

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