Young & The Restless: way to go!! Comment by Anita

Does anybody beside myself still watch the original, fantasy, reality TV good ol’  Soap Operas?  I have that nasty habit.  I still try to keep up with two.  Bold and Beautiful and Young &  the Restless.  You folks know I like TV shows;  some in good taste, many not such good taste.  For example I love to watch all the Housewives shows–so of course I like Soap Operas.  In particular I like Young & the Restless.  I cry when characters die and get mad when they are judged badly and lose it over the silly story lines.  In my opinion they are fun, human theater.  Why have I singled out Y & R ( as us fans call it)?  Because they are going to be airing  their 11,000 episode as of September 2, 2016.  That’s HUGE!  Kudos to them.  This show has stood the test against new-styled TV programing.  The cast has stood longer than many pop singers.  Story-lines have become epic in fantasy history.  Even the families have become dynasties.  It is a known fact many (ok, ALL) reality TV is  a set up, at least Soap Operas are inventive rather than an example of  the rich living badly.  There is bad behavior on Y & R ,  also people coming back from death’s door, children being switched at birth, even some characters had to have a total new face to hide them from some foreign mob leader.  Come to think of it The Housewives of New Jersey kind of had that happen.  SEE!  Reality TV copies Soap Operas.

Anyway, aside of all this rambling and comparing I do have a point.  I want to say congratulations to Young & the Restless.  11,000 episodes is an accomplishment.  Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for it.  No pressure.

If you used to be a PM TV fan watching  shows such as Search for Tomorrow, General Hospital, Day’s of our Lives.  check in and watch this  11, 000th episode.  I’m sure it’s going to be a Hum Dinger!

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