Good Bye, Mr. Wilder Commentary by Anita

The film community world-wide is a little sadder.  I know I am.  I loved Gene Wilder from childhood on.  Not just for his role as Mr. Wonka, but for his unique talent.  That man has never failed to make me laugh.  I was shocked to see him in the sit-com “Will & Grace”.  I thought to myself, “what kind of character can Gene Wilder be playing in THIS kind of venue?”  As proof in the pudding he made me laugh all over again.  I really can’t think of any film he was in that the whole family couldn’t enjoy.  I still quote him from Young Frankenstein all the time.  That bit about “Abby Somebody” is as priceless as Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on first?” We all remember the farting scene from “Blazing Saddles”, why is it gas makes us laugh like children?  That movie sure did.  I was on edge when he was in “Silver Streak”.  Remember that one?  He was a hero and got the girl in the end.  Come to think of it nothing is as handsome as a funny dude.  When a man can make me laugh he has my heart.  Gene Wilder has my heart.

It’s with deep sadness I say good-bye to this charming, magical actor.  His unique style, sense of humor, and all-around persona is going to be missed for a very, very long time.

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