American Horror Story, Season 6, “?6”, Episode 1, My Roanoke Nightmare – reviewed by George

With no solid information available, I decided to watch the first episode of the new season to see what “?6” means. In an attempt to imitate reality shows, Lily Rabe and Andre Holland play a married couple speaking in turns directly to the camera; Adina Porter plays his sister. They describe a haunting (or is it “inbred hillbilly neighbors”?) designed to drive them from their home. Their narrative is fleshed out with a Dramatization wherein Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr. play the couple, with Angela Bassett as the sister.
This is a series I enjoyed for two years, I think – at any rate I bailed during the “Asylum” year, and have not returned until now, and I won’t be back next week. For me, Chapter One was a complete waste of time. It was not horror, it was not even interesting. AND it was not just underlit – it was hardly lit at all.
And I still don’t know what ?6 means, if indeed it actually has a meaning.

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One Response to American Horror Story, Season 6, “?6”, Episode 1, My Roanoke Nightmare – reviewed by George

  1. nita166 says:

    Phooey is right! Now I have been watching the seasons off and on. The Season of the Witch (can’t remember is that is what is was called?) was a let down. I (as you) really enjoyed the Asylum season. And even the circus season was good. However if fizzled out on me too. This season, Season 6 I have seen done on TBS, ID and any other channel that carries cop shows, I even took it up a notch and went ahead and watched the second one this last Wednesday. I should have done my laundry. This concept started out so GREAT. The season (which I believe was last season) starring Lady Gaga was gag gag. I think I’m expecting too much. They have had to dumb it down. Because Asylum was great. Well, George what do you think? Should I go ahead and give it one more viewing? I always give a bad book three chapters.

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