The Shock (1946) Reviewed by Anita- ***

As far as I’m concerned Vincent Price is golden.  There is not a film he has been in that I have not liked.  Be it a big part or a small part I just love Vincent Price.  As par for the course I loved him in The Shock, directed by Alfred Werker.  Falling in the film noir, thriller categories this is a great movie about murder, deceit and adultery.  Powerful ingredients describing societies’  biggest plagues.  The story centers on Dr. Cross (Vincent Price) a psychiatrist who is having an affair with his nurse played by Lynn Bari.  In an effort to end his marriage he kills his wife by striking her with a candlestick .  Unknown to him at the time of his  devious act for love he is seen from the window of his neighbor.  The  young wife of a veteran (Frank Latimore) witnesses the murder, sending her into a coma.  Dr. Cross ends up treating the young Janet Stewart (Annabel Shaw) as she persists in her catatonic state and her husband is just as confused as to what put her there.

As you might have guessed things get discovered from here. That is why I’m leaving off here.  I don’t want to spoil a minute of how this crime is solved.  I will say please pay extra attention to the filming.  We are used to seeing bloody bodies, dismembered bodies and the like, scenes you will not ‘see’ here but ‘know’ took place.  Shadows, lighting and placement is one of the reasons this is such a great film.  Actually it is a wonderful example of what makes film noir such a unique genre.  If you haven’t seen it, and you enjoy the stylings of film noir as much as I do be sure to see The Shock.  

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