MI-5 (2015) – reviewed by George

This film, based on a long-running British TV show called “Spooks” there, “MI-5” here, is a dandy spy thriller with MI-5 fighting to survive a two-pronged attack: from the CIA, which wants to weaken it and then take it over, and a terrorist who wants to destroy it.
Peter Firth is the star as Harry Pearce, the head of MI-5, a part he played for all ten seasons of the show. His most dependable field agent changed actors (and character names) over the years, and here there is a new man, Will Holloway, played by Kit Herrington of “Game of Thrones” renown.
Early on it becomes obvious that the terrorist, Adem Qasim (pronounced Ka-Seem), played by Elyes Gabel, is being fed information by someone at or near the top of MI-5, so that prong is sort of double-daggered. Harry explains to one top level person why they can’t bring Qasim in, even if they do manage to capture him,”Someone wants to destroy the service, and we have to learn who. It’s someone at the top, so we have to keep Qasim out of the system. Inside he’ll be quickly silenced.” The reply, “Harry, you’ve lost it!”
Some of the top level people are Geraldine Maltby (Jennifer Ehle), Francis Warrender (David Harewood, currently in “Supergirl”), and Oliver Mace (Tim Mcinnerney of “Black Adder”). And as a field agent: June Keaton (Tuppence Middleton). Qasim’s pregnant wife, Asma Shishani, is played by Athena Efstathiou..
As on the TV show, central characters die, false leads are followed, sometimes into danger, and there are many surprises along the way. As a spy film this is top-drawer.
Directed by Bharat Nalluri and written by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley, based on the TV series “Spooks” created by David Wolstencroft.

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