Warning Shot (1967) – reviewed by George

Richard Janssen, of TV’s “Richard Diamond, Private Detective”, “The Fugitive” and “Harry O”, heads a star-studded cast of supporting roles and cameos through an almost typical detective plot which has a payoff that is really good. Sergeant Tom Valens (Janssen) is on assignment to go to the Seascape Apartments on a stakeout, where a figure in the dark pulls a gun on him. Valens calls out to drop the gun and when he is not obeyed he fires. The dead man is a respected doctor and no gun can be found. Valens is put on leave pending an investigation and an almost sure dismissal, without jail time if he is lucky.
Now Valens works his way through Los Angeles to prove his innocence and to meet wonderful stars – all the men look great, and all the women look beautiful. First, what was the doctor doing there after 11 P.M.? Well, he regularly visited a diabetic patient after hours since she couldn’t sleep very well. She is Alice Willows, played by Lillian Gish.
He also interviews Steve Allen, George Grizzard, Eleanor Parker, Walter Pidgeon, Stefanie Powers, George Sanders, and Vito Scotti. And Joan Collins plays Valens’s wife, while Ed Begley, Carroll O’Connor, and Keenan Wynn play other cops.
This movie is really lots of fun. It was directed by Buzz Kulik, based on the novel “711 – Officer Needs Help” by Whit Masterson, and the screenplay was written by Mann Rubin. The great score is by Jerry Goldsmith, and it is moody with a cigarettes-and-whiskey kind of vibe. Wonderful!

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