The Infomercial–comment by Anita

It has come to my attention that the ‘infomercial’ has taken up late night TV with a vengeance.  You can get anything under the sun and a full 30 minute explanation as to why you must own it, learn it, teach it, be improved by it, made more beautiful because of it, have it to pass on.  Seriously!  I watched one about how to  make out my will, who to share it with, and by mentioning this ad I would get their services at a 10% discount.  We all get a kick out of guessing is it $9.99, $10.99 or this one time offer $19.99 and if you call within the next 10 minutes you get TWO for the price of ONE. I just love how they chat up their product or idea by making you want to watch it because of catchy titles.  Tag lines such as “To catch a thief” making one think ‘it is 1 AM there might be somebody outside my door?’. Cooking is always a good one to watch.  There is usually some sort of pan that will make sure you “never burn another egg”; as if one burns eggs so often it has become a life issue.  Oh and let’s not forget the love advice.  “Hello Erection!” Caught my attention at 3:30Am. Who?…Wha?…. Folks, that one I didn’t watch. But don’t let that stop you.  Two weeks ago I flipped the channel (it was a Sunday around 5:30AM) and I stopped on what I thought was a Chinese martial arts movie.  You know the ones  that are completely B-rated movies at best?–I love them.  Sadly it was information about self-defense.  By the way, Chuck Norris has changed.

Yes, I have times I’m a bit of a night owl.  I have a lot to do in a day so sometimes early morning is the best time.  Now when I’m having one of those crazy days that starts before the sun I turn on the radio.  I have discovered I like yelling at the stupid morning talk crew who seem to regularly screw up the name of the city they are attempting to report about.  I can usually count on them to make no less than five corrections from the day before’s show. Best of all it is usually easier to find an easy listening station at 3AM than it is to find something to watch on TV.

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