Lure of the Wilderness (1952) – reviewed by George

This is the remake of “Swamp Water” (review posted 9-13-16) that I said I would like to review. This version of the Vereen Bell story is in  Technicolor and features better photography of the Okeefenokee Swamp alligators. It also is shorter and leaves out some of the subplots that more or less detracted from the main plot thread. At first I liked the original better, but by the ambush sequence I was caught; this is the better, more suspenseful version. Although the quicksand bit is better in the first movie.
This screenplay is by Louis Lantz and it was directed by Jean Negulesco. Jean Peters stars as Laurie, and in this movie she is actually living in the swamp with her father, Jim Harper (Walter Brennan). Jeffrey Hunter has the male lead playing Ben, and Constance Smith is Noreen, the bad girl whose jealousy almost gets him killed. Tom Tully plays Ben’s father Zack, and there is no girlfriend for him here.
You may have noticed that all the character names are different except for “Ben”, but Ben’s last name is different in the two films. In the first film the real killers were the Dorson Brothers (Ward Bond and Guinn “Big Boy” Williams); here they are the Longden Brothers (Jack Elam ad Pat Hogan).
This one will be harder to find, but it is the better film.

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