Christmas show time! Comment by Anita

It is the Holiday season and we are settling in for big films.  I (myself) am getting ready for the movie channel’s efforts.  Over Thanksgiving weekend HBO, Starz, even Max were running 1990 something movies as a promo.  It didn’t make me want to sign up, but I did enjoy catching a film I haven’t seen since a teenager from the 80’s.  Also the reality shows are wrapping up, short seasonal mini-series are replacing our normal viewing habits.  Shakes things up a little.  I like it.

I was wondering what are you going to watch? Do you watch the specials such as the “Grinch Who Stole Christmas”?  A classic.  How about “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”?  Love claymation.  Do you watch all the Hallmark countdown movies?  Such as “A Bride for Christmas”?  Another one recently on was “The Christmas List”?  All made to make you cry.  I hate that. Too many mushy movies will make me just as sick as eating too much kettle corn.

I will tell you one way to know it is the shopping season, just watch an infomercial.  My latest favorite is a zap gun that kills bugs.  It is filmed in some lonely guys garage/apartment.  Simple set one would say.  The Santa character looks like something out of the movie “Sling Blade”, with his side kick (neighborhood cable guy).  They are jumping around this ‘living room’ zapping bugs.  The whole affair is a string of bad jump editing while these two humanoids scream how this is the best Christmas gift ever.  I do mean scream.  I’m guessing sound budget was weak.  Viewing slot is never before 1 A.M. California time. I don’t know about if it is a ‘must have’ Christmas gift but I do know it is a ‘must SEE’ infomercial.

Whatever you are watching, streaming, or waiting to get a ticket to let us know.  George and I love to hear what you have been watching.  In the meantime here’s sending you a great kick off to the Holiday Season!

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