Three Wise Women (2010) – reviewed by George

Thought “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” was the only sci-fi Christmas movie? Well, here’s another.
In Dublin 1989, Young Ellie (Hana Kelly) is a happy child with nice parents. Arch-angel Green (John Rhys-Davies) is in charge of young Guardian Angels, and one of these, Tom (Hugh O’Conor), is assigned to Ellie for like her whole life. In 1999 Ellie (Lauren Coe) is traumatized twice in quick succession by her father and her boyfriend Colin, which results in her later making a bad marriage with no children. Now, in the present (2009 or 2010) Dr. Ellie (Amy Huberman) is at a big crossroads. Just as she is preparing to sell her formula for spinal cord repair to a huge pharmaceutical conglomerate and marry Peter (Richard Flood), who is marrying her only for the big payout which he has maneuvered, Tom, who is in way over his head, goes into the past and gets Ellie to come to the present and help straighten out Dr. Ellie. Ellie becomes the secretary to the Doctor, and is able to meddle more or less unrestrained. When this still isn’t meeting Tom’s deadline, he goes to the future (2040) and enlists old Ellie (Fionnula Flanagan) to come help. There aren’t any other candidates, so I guess the Ellies are the Three Wise Women.
At the big party for the introduction of the formula to the stockholders, Dr. Ellie takes the podium and refuses to patent the formula, but says that she intends to publish and make it available worldwide for free. You can imagine that this pretty much solves Tom’s problem because Peter does not let the doorknob hit him in the posterior on his way out of her life, and now Ellie is free to marry the man who in 1999 was in love with her (though she preferred Colin), Bobby (Brendan Patricks).
The cast is both good and appealing, but no amount of talent in front of the camera can make up for the preposterous screenplay. So, in the final analysis, this is a sci-fi Christmas soap opera. And hey, if Tom can time-travel, why doesn’t he just go to before the trauma and make sure that Ellie isn’t there to see it?

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