A Christmas Kiss (2011) – reviewed by George

This film is not a Christmas soap opera, it is a Christmas fairy tale, and a very good one. It’s a take on Snow White, and was written by Joany Kane and directed by John Stimpson.
It stars Elisabeth Rohm as Boston star-designer Priscilla Hall (the evil queen) and Laura Breckenridge as Wendy Walton, Priscilla’s apprentice and dogs-body (Snow White).
Wendy has two roommates, Tressa (Jerrika Hinton) and Caroline (Laura Spencer) who basically sub for the 7 dwarves. Priscilla is out of town, so the three girls have more time to fool around, and since both Tressa and Caroline work at a local theater, Tressa as a  makeup artist and Caroline as an actress, they are at the theater and Tressa gives Wendy a makeup job that covers her upper lids, eye sockets, and eyebrows with glitter, making her unrecognizable. Now Wendy gets a call and has to go to Priscilla’s apartment to turn on the heat and leave some lights on. On her way down on the elevator she is joined by Adam Hughes (Brendan Fehr), and when a cable breaks and the elevator shudders and falls a few feet Wendy falls too, right into Adam’s arms. They kiss, and though he wants to meet her, when the elevator stops and a large gang of carolers is getting on, Wendy takes the opportunity to flee. The next day she meets him at work – he is Priscilla’s boyfriend.
There are good situations and good lines, like this interchange: Adam asks, “What IS figgy pudding?” And Wendy says, “I don’t know, but it must be pretty good if they won’t go until they get some.” And when Caroline tries to reassure Wendy that Adam will figure out that Priscilla is a witch, Tressa says, “Guys CAN’T figure things out. They need things spelled out for them; like “Hooked-on-Phonics spelled out.”
I liked the score a lot too. It’s mostly contemporary takes on carols: there’s a great cool jazz version of “The Holly and the Ivy”. The only thing is: as much as I loved it, it made me wonder, because Priscilla is the modern one, and Wendy is the traditional one. Oh well.
I really liked pretty much everything about this movie, and I think you might too. You can watch it streaming on Netflix.

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