TV Quote # 60 – The Graham Norton Show, Season 20, Episode 15

Guests were Matthew McConaughey, Ed Sheeran (the singer whose 2 most recent albums are #1 and #2 in every country that measures such things except in the USA where they are #1 and #6 because here radio play is added in to sales figures), Christina Ricci, and British comic Josh Widdicombe.
Ed: There is a kid who, his job is like, people employ him when they can’t get me for stuff. They employ him to look like me.
Graham (all ready with a photo on a monitor behind him): Is this the guy? Is it?
Ed: Yeah.
Graham: Isn’t that amazing… Now, you’ve met him – you’ve met him.
Ed: Yeah. (turns to Christina) Mate, that’s not cool. I don’t think I look like him.
Christina: I thought that was, like, a doctored picture of you.
Graham: Wait… Here you are together. (displays another photo on the monitor, and seen together the “kid” looks a deal fatter in the face).
Josh: He looks like you looking into a spoon.

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