When did the ads go bad? Comment by Anita 2017

So did your team win?  Did your team even make it in?  Yep, I’m talking about the last Super Bowl played Sunday Feb. 5th.  I’m not a big football fan.  I live in California and it is not as important to many of us out here as it is in the midwest and east coast.  However from San Francisco to Dallas  the Super Bowl Sunday is just fun.  The food, the drinks, the shouts all is fun.  My favorite part of the game is the commercials.  I look forward to them.  How they are clever, cute and many times even bring up emotions.  Not this time.  This year they SUCKED.  What the hell?  Where was Budweiser?  And their enchanting horses teaching us to have compassion and drink responsibly.  Since when did Dorito chips not make an impression with some sexy model who has not eaten a chip since she was in 4th grade become the norm?  And each one seemed to be geared to politics.  I don’t care who you voted for.  Really.  I don’t.  Why mess up the one part of this event I like to watch with your lectures?  By the way they were not cleverly disguised.  You have to be completely hammered to have missed the messages.  I was hopeful for the halftime show.  Another aspect of the game I like.  Well, it was a wow.  I guess.  Aside of the lecture.  Again, keep your politics out of it.  Unless it is game politics.  Like blowing up an effigy of the team you hate.  I can get behind that.  I also feel there is TOO much time spent on the armchair commentators.  Please.  SHUT UP.  Also, Face Book is NOT a place to seek football advice.

You all know I have a pinch hit for commercials.  I watch them like mini-movies.  I actually look for technique, directing, content, the whole ball of wax.  This is the Super Bowl of commercials too.  What a let down.  If you watched it, which I do believe many of you did I hope you had a good time.  If you found one of these ads to be any good let me know.  I missed it.

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