Hairlock Combs as Sherlock Holmes in “The Case of the Screaming Bishop” (1944) – Reviewed by George

This black-and-white cartoon is from what would become Columbia Studio’s television wing Screen Gems. The story is by John McLeish and the direction is by Howard Swift. Animation is by Jim Armstrong and Grant Simmons, and music is by Eddie Kilfeather.
Chronologically it is the only Holmes film or parody (that I could find) made during the Rathbone-Bruce years.
It features Hairlock Combs and Dr. Gotsum, and an unnamed villain with clown hair and a tremendous overbite. A stegosaurus skeleton is stolen from the Museum of Unnatural History, and the only clue is “The best bones of all go to Symphony Hall.”
The museum guard says he heard “silly-bones music”, and indeed Symphony Hall is advertising a concert on The World’s Largest Xylophone.
This is very, very silly stuff, but still has a good pace that ups the entertainment quotient, and the animation is excellent.
However, I should probably mention that I don’t understand the title at all. I didn’t see a bishop of any sort, much less hear one scream.

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