Elizabeth (1998) Reviewed by Anita-*****

Elizabeth is simply one of the most visually stunning films made.  Cinematographer Remi Adefarasin is an artist.  Rich, layered and colorful are how he shoots this epic event of history.   Set in 1558 Remi manages to create a world of violence into brutal beauty.  In particular his overhead shots and moving shots plunge you into this world as more than just a movie watcher instead you–as the viewer– become a sort of spiritual spectator.  A fly on the wall so to speak.

Shekhar Kapur directs this classic British biographical film with the hand of a master of the set. He captures this battle of sisters and religions with as much color as Adefarasin shots it.  Kapur’s talents bring to life this royal political battle as a suspenseful journey.  Aside of  Blanchette’s outstanding performance as Queen Elizabeth, a veteran cast of talent boasts actors  such as Geoffery Rush, Christopher Eccleston and Joseph Fiennes just to name a few.  Kapur has taken Michael Hirst’s screen-play and created a very well-done (not for the faint of heart) picture of the bloody and violent life of the time and era.

Elizabeth is more than a period film.  Rather it is more of an adventure, a journey of a woman, a nation, and the most studied time in English history.  Blanchette brings class to the role as only she can.  Beautiful, innocent, later becoming one of the most powerful woman in global history.  There is simply no one else that could bring that screen presence.

By all means watch this movie.  Watch this version.  You will not be let down.  As a matter of fact you will watch it a second time.  I did.

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