Episode 2 of “Big Little Lies” – reviewed by George

In the first episode it seemed that the women were downstage and the men were way, way in the background. Now in episode 2 we see more of the husbands – enough that the murder victim could be one of them, as could the killer.
The opening goes back to before the murder, although like last time the press conference about the murder, conducted by the Police Dept. is joined about 20 minutes into the episode.
Renata (Laura Dern) is still the villain, so sure that Jane’s (Shailene Woodley) son Ziggy choked Renata’s daughter Amabella, that she brings invitations to Amabella’s birthday party to school and passes them out, making sure that all the kids see that Ziggy is not invited. It’s especially cruel because Jane is husbandless and working a crap job so she and Ziggy can live in Monterey. Last week I thought it likely that the murder would be Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) killing Renata, but after episode 2 Renata may kill Madeline, because of Madeline’s reaction to Renata’s public snubbing of a six-year-old.
Celeste (Nicole Kidman) is married to Perry (Alexander Skarsgaard), who hits her as a prelude to rough sex. Madeline’s husband Ed (Adam Scott) is convinced by Madeline’s inability to stop talking about her ex Nathan (James Tupper) that she still loves him, and that is putting a terrible strain on their relationship. Nathan is currently married to Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz), but he does seem to be around Perry and Madeline a lot. So: standard soap opera plotting, but the Monterey settings, the shots of Highway 1 and the mountainous scenery around its bridges, create a backdrop unlike any soap opera I’ve ever seen (okay, this is a genre I don’t watch very much). Actually these scenes are shoehorned in because principal photography was in Australia. At any rate Ed and Nathan have a scene that almost slides into a fight and could be a hint at things to come.
Everyone seems unhappy and argumentative, so really, anything is possible.

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One Response to Episode 2 of “Big Little Lies” – reviewed by George

  1. nita166 says:

    Thanks for giving this a try! I liked what I saw during the HBO promo. Good updates also. I hope to watch this in the near future. BTW you didn’t mention if you liked it. Do you?

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