Episode 3 of “Big Little Lies” – reviewed by George

After writing the notes on Episode 2 it suddenly occurred to me who the murderer and victim are, but of course I can’t say. Even a surmise can be a spoiler. And I will never mention it again, because if I’m right, who would believe me after the fact? I guessed the secret of “The Sixth Sense” during the restaurant scene close to the beginning, but did not immediately tell my companion, and after the film had ended, just kept quiet. Why start something? And of course the same applies here.
Well, back to “Lies”. Perry’s rough treatment of Celeste seems rooted in his insecurity about being able to keep her. Renata and Madeline both have psychological issues. Ziggy hits a homer on his first time at bat in T-ball. Jane reveals that Ziggy is illegitimate.
I chose those statements carefully to indicate where the story seems to be going without giving anything crucial away.
The mini-series remains watchable, but at this point I think four more episodes is one or two too many.

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