The Secret of Moonacre (2008)-Reviewed by Anita ****

A lot of fantasy films have hit the theaters last couple of years.  With that theme in mind, I watched a wonderful fantasy film recently on Netflix.  The Secret of Moonacre is one worth looking up.

It’s  fantasy film based on the novel “The Little White Horse”  by Elizabeth Goudge. Directed by Gabor Csupo.  The telling of the story is rich and colorful.  Actually I would consider it more of a ‘fantasy noir’.  There is murder, intrigue, mystery, and resolution.  Gabor’s vision is all wrapped up in an enchanted world populated with magical animals, and unique fairy folk.  The damsel in distress is the lovely, recently orphaned, Maria Merryweather.  While mourning the loss of her parents Maria (Dakota Blue Richards) reads a book her father left her.  “The Ancient Chronicles of Moonacre Valley” is a tome the tells the story of two clans living in the English countryside.  A woman from one clan was so pure of heart that nature decided to give her a very special gift.  Nature gives her a set of powerful, magical moon pearls.  The woman goes on to be known as the Moon Princess.

The two clans unite in marriage and the Moon Princess decided to share the pearls with both families as a wedding gift.  This sets off a spiral of greed, deceit and murder all centered around the two clans.  At this point Maria begins her journey of self discovery.  As well should every fairy tale do.

Both story and film come together as Maria solves the mysteries of the book and her life.  The movie is a mystical journey to the magical land where the Moonacre Manson resides. Where the landscape is sprinkled with amazing animals and a gambit of the unusual  fairy folk characters.  Stay home Sunday and watch it.


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