Movie Quote # 8 – The Bandwagon (1953)

Lester and Lily Marton (Oscar Levant and Nanette Fabray) have finished writing their latest Broadway musical and have partnered with director Jeffrey Cordova (Jack Buchanan). They have convinced Broadway hoofer Tony Hunter (Fred Astaire) to star, but they want ballet sensation Gabrielle Gerard (Cyd Charisse) to be his leading lady. Tony is frightened of working in a balletic milieux.
Tony: “This girl Gerard – it’s not just her dancing. On top of everything, she’s too tall for me. This girl is a giantess!”
Lily: “Tony, she’s not too tall for you. I know this girl. She comes up to here on me – maybe two inches shorter. Tony, you know I’m the perfect height for you. Turn around.” (Lily stands back-to-back with Tony and forces him to look in a mirror.) You see? Now isn’t that fine?”
Lester helpfully joining in: “Listen. Gabrielle Gerard in her stocking feet is, at the most, three feet tall.”

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