Law & Order: Just a note-comment by Anita

Do you get a vibe when you hear the familiar theme opening to Law & Order?  I do.  I really love the show.  As well as all of the off-shoots.  Let’s face it, Dick Wolf hit on a winning formula.  There are so many varieties a crime junkie can over-dose on five days a week!  Not to mention the ‘marathons’ many channels run over the weekends.  You can solve crimes with your  favorite detectives, face off with vicious– greedy lawyers, stand behind righteous DA’s all wrapped up in the melodrama of the human condition.  We weep for widows, heart ache over broken up  families due to murder or drugs, feel helpless when the law turns on our heroes and the bad guys get away.  Another aspect I really enjoy about the series is so many of today’s bigger stars got their break on the show.  I think it is cool to see a very young Charlie Sheen, or Julia Roberts. It works over and over again.

So, what’s my beef? Allow me to share.  See, I actually watched the show and thought to myself ” I’m not so sure that is how it would actually go down?”  For example: often our street detective are out busting the chops of potential suspects to get the answers.  Frequently their questioning starts with some borderline chap unloading a van, truck, wagon (you get the picture).  The blue color dude NEVER stops what he is doing.  Don’t you think that is odd?  As if you daily are questioned by homicide detective?  I do believe I would stop.  Murder is very random in my personal life, and work.  I would have to give that scenario  my full attention.   Then there is the stunned face of the harden (20 years on the force) detective whose career is to catch child molesters and they are shocked a child has been molested.  Ice Tea is always doing this.  He is in the SVU branch.  That is their prime focus.  Too me it is as if I would be shocked KFC has chicken.  I did go there for chicken.

Folks please don’t get me wrong.  I am going to keep watching the show.  I care about the DA Jack, and if Lennie drinks.  I want the bad guys to get theirs and the family to get justice.  I like the theme song as it indicates I get pop corn.  The good kind.  Off the stove my mom makes it and it has seasoning salt.  Yep, gonna keep watching.  I was just musing and thought I’d share with my friends here.  What about you?  Have you ever really thought about who you would be in a Law & Order episode?

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