Feud Bette and Joan: TV Series: 2017-? Reviewed by Anita ****

If you have seen What Ever Happened to Baby Jane (1962) then you know Bette Davis and Joan Crawford create a unique chemistry on the set.  These women express emotions such as pure hate with realism that can only mean one thing: it is true.  Feud Bette and Joan is the story of these epic, awarding winning actress and their personal battle to stay on top in that lonely city Hollywood.

Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story ) directs a campy and very indulgent docudrama of the battle these legendary actress engaged in while filming Baby Jane.  The series explores what happens after the lights go down and the cameras stop rolling.  Sexism, endured ageism, misogyny and fading careers drive these woman to low levels of sabotage.  We see broken hearts, how the studios and press used as well as abused these women.  A glance into how the studio owners thought of them as property and would pit friend against friend to get the movie done. We also see how broken their home lives were, how the business drains the human side of any one playing the game.  Murphy’s series creates the perfect back drop for us to get a better understanding of how gossip starved the public was, equally how important that very gossip was to them at the same time.

Over all it is a great series.  The supporting cast of characters are just as entertaining.  I like how they bring outside perspective to the ongoing battle between Hollywood’s Queens.  If you would like to catch up you can stream it, or check it out on Face Book.  Feud Bette and Joan is on Sunday nights 10PM California time.  FX Network.

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