Commentary by Anita “I’d like to give the world a Coke” (2017)

Have you missed the most absurd commercial this year?  Pepsi has filmed a socially themed, ridiculous, 90 second advertisement.  In my opinion it is completely embarrassing.  I actually found myself embarrassed for Pepsi, and Kendall.  I mean wow!

It starts out with an energetically motivated cello player, he is playing his heart out.  Jumping to a shot of a growing protest staged like a 1960’s march of anything -to -protest -march.  There are tons of slogans  for peace as well as chanting.  Protesters in all sorts of colorful social stereotypes can be seen. The protest passes Jenner doing a photo shot when a handsome rebel winks an invite her way.  Kendall steps out of the Kardashian family fold, stripping off her bold wig joining the ocean of today’s generation of discontent.  She marches along heading straight for the line of riot officers.  There is dancing and  bonding going on all over the street en route to this officer.  Kendall breaks off from the crowd and goes up to one of the officers, handing him a refreshing Pepsi.  Pause, he opens it… he takes a drink…. and smiles.  The crowd goes wild with applause.   And there you have it; socially conscious movements (ie Black Lives Matter etc.) sell soda pop.

I guess I shouldn’t poke fun.  I mean she is the one going home with a check.  No dignity but a check.  Buying the world a Coke just won’t cut it anymore.

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