Rushmore (1998)–Reviewed by Anita-*****

We have all been that awkward student.  Let’s face it High School sucks.  At least being high school age can.  Especially if you are a misunderstood nerd like Max Fischer.  Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman) is a 10th grade scholarship student attending the very prestigious prep school Rushmore (Directed by Wes Anderson).  Max it is the epitome of extracurricular king.  He is editor of the school newspaper, the yearbook; founder of the debt team, the dodgeball society and the Max Fischer Players; he is president of the French Club and the German club as well as the chess club.  Just to name a few of this ambitious teenagers accomplishments.  However while applying for early admission to Oxford, holding Harvard as his safety school he gets a reality check.  For all of Fischer’s accomplishments  he is sadly a terrible student.  Actually the worst student Rushmore has ever had to deal with. Threatened with expulsion Max changes gears and begins on a single-minded goal of becoming the lover to the new first-grade teacher Rosemary Cross (Oliva Williams).

In an effort to get a  game plan Max turns to the father of two of his classmates Herman Blume (Bill Murray).   Blume, a factory magnate,  is a mentor to the troubled, very odd teenager. Blume is also depressed  and after meeting the lovely Rosemary himself he falls in love with her also.  When the tycoon starts an affair with her on his own it drives Max mad.  These two engage in a battle royal both trying to woo the young widow Rosemary.

Rushmore is one of the best cult films I’ve seen.  Chronicling the life of a teenager, a lonely man and a real War of the Roses (1989) this is a must watch.  Very funny, touching in many parts and happy ending as only a cult film could have.  Don’t be late to class!  Watch Rushmore. 

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