Guest Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017) Reviewed by Violet ***.5

Hello movie fans.  Today we have real treat.  My friend and a fellow movie go-er Violet has offered to share her take on the latest live action Disney production Beauty and the Beast.   Violet has just recently turned 9 years old, and is in the third grade.  Looking forward to fourth grade.  Movies are one of her hobbies and she knows a lot about the Disney Princess’.  The following review in her words:

As a fan of Walt Disney films the newest Beauty and the Beast  is one of  the best.   Belle (Emma Watson) makes the movie amazing.  She is just right for the role.   The Beast (Dan Stevens) was a very good Beast. Maybe a little more expressions on the Beast face would have been nice.   All I saw for most of the movie was him frowning.  I know he is sad but come on… maybe a little bit of a different expression sometimes would have made it better.   Anyway as I said,  the Beast was very good Beast  besides the expression problem on his face.  In the movie Gaston (Luke Evans) wants Belle to marry him just like in the original story. Luke did an excellent job being jerk; Gaston is supposed to be a jerk and as I said Luke did a very good job.

When Belle was in the Beast’s castle Chip (Nathan Mack) was the funny, curious character he was ment to be.  Mrs. Potts, played by Emma Thompson is Chip’s mom and she is very loving and caring.  The way Mrs. Pott’s words are said is amazing.  I like the way she pronounced them, and I like the way she sounds.

Now I have to tell you some things I did not like about the movie.  I didn’t like how the movie was pretty much word for word of the original.  I would like to have seen a new way of how the characters talked to each other.  A little bit of different wording would have been nice.  Not every actor or actress was perfect for the part.   For example I didn’t like the actor who was Mrs. Potts’ husband (Gerard Horan).  One other example is I didn’t like character of the wardrobe.

In my opinion you should go see this version of Beauty and the Beast.  You will really like the music, I did.  And tell us on Bickering Critics what you think of the movie.

Thank you Violet for your very informative take on this great story.  We are looking forward to hearing more from you over the summer.  Keep going to the movies!

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