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The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears (2013) – reviewed by George

In color: a man is sleeping sitting up on a train at night. In black and white: a bound woman is teased with a knife. The torturer is never clearly shown. Throughout the credits we shift back and forth between … Continue reading

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American Gods (2017) – Part II – reviewed by George

So on Saturday I watched Episode 3 in which Mr. Wednesday and Shadow go to Chicago to rob a bank, but first they make snow. At last I saw a hint of the entertainment that the concept of gods fighting … Continue reading

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American Gods (2017) – reviewed by George

This show has received the most gushing hype of any TV show that I can remember. Stuff like “Your new obsession” and something about “Someone will lose their throne”, a clear indication that that person likes this show better than … Continue reading

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Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes in “Sherlock Holmes” (1954-1955) – Episodes 11-15 – reviewed by George

11. The Red Headed League A shop-owner is granted membership in the Red Headed League because of his rich, dark red hair, and learns that he has been hired at a fantastic salary to hand-copy the Encyclopedia Britannica in the … Continue reading

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Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes in “Sherlock Holmes” (1954-1955) – Episodes 6-10 – reviewed by George

6. “The Case of the Shy Ballerina” A man who wanted to write music for the ballet is found dead in a park, and his wife Mrs. Shelton, (Nathalie Schafer from “Gilligan’s Island”) tells Holmes that their recent trip to … Continue reading

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Thanks so much, Anita!

It’s great to feel missed, but it’s super to have your best friend express that in writing! Thanks again for the warm welcome back!

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Welcome Back George!

Welcome Back!  It is great to have you posting again.  We have missed your witty styles and personal takes on film, play and actors.  I have missed ya tons!

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The Love Witch (2016) Reviewed by Anita ***.5

A visual style straight out of the 60’s, The Love Witch is a very entertaining comedy/horror.  The story is about a modern-day witch who uses magic to get love.  She is very narcissistic, just what a young, hungry witch would be.  Director … Continue reading

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I’m back! After a month of surgery and kidney failure, I’m back, not with a review but with THE BEST COMMERCIAL IN YEARS!

Attractive Woman in mink with packed suitcases (Arielle Vandenberg): “I’m leaving you, Wesley.” Wesley, an Attractive Man, leaping out of a chair: “But why?” Attractive Woman: “You haven’t noticed me in two years.” Wesley: “I was in a coma!” Attractive … Continue reading

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What are you watching this Mother’s Day? comment by Anita 2017

Happy Mother’s Day weekend fans and followers. I don’t know about your mom but mine is a movie buff from way back.  Our teething ring was Godzilla and our teen training was Meet Me in St. Louis.  By the way … Continue reading

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