What are you watching this Mother’s Day? comment by Anita 2017

Happy Mother’s Day weekend fans and followers.

I don’t know about your mom but mine is a movie buff from way back.  Our teething ring was Godzilla and our teen training was Meet Me in St. Louis.  By the way my sisters and I know every song by heart.  We have danced  with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and gained personal power watching the Unsinkable Molly Brown.  My mom and I saw the lovely and talented Debbie Reynolds in concert and it was fabulous.   We have even learned how to be grateful only have to share a room with two rather than a dozen, as in Cheaper by the Dozen.  She taught us to stay organic with Logan’s Run and made sure when knew how to cook thanks to Solent Green.  We learned animals are very smart thanks to Planet of the Apes and let me tell you we have a healthy dose of religion thank you Exorcism.  A real healthy dose.  And we will always appreciate the paranormal, odd and possibilities thank you Twilight Zone.

I guess what I’m sharing is I’m very grateful to my mom for putting me on the path of film and art.  I’m looking forward to a pj day and pop corn in front of our 55″ TV with her.  We will watch some good old movies like when were kids.  Hope you have a wonderful day with your mom.   And , Hey!  let us know what you watched.  You know I will.


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