I’m back! After a month of surgery and kidney failure, I’m back, not with a review but with THE BEST COMMERCIAL IN YEARS!

Attractive Woman in mink with packed suitcases (Arielle Vandenberg): “I’m leaving you, Wesley.”
Wesley, an Attractive Man, leaping out of a chair: “But why?”
Attractive Woman: “You haven’t noticed me in two years.”
Wesley: “I was in a coma!”
Attractive Woman: “Well, I still deserve appreciation.”
Wesley: “Who was there for you when you had amnesia?”
Attractive Woman: “You know I can’t remember that!”
The Maid, played by our old friend Flo (Stehanie Courtney): “Stop this madness. If it’s appreciation you want, you should both get Snapshot from Progressive. It rewards good drivers with big discounts on car insurance.”
Susan Lucci appears on the staircase, dressed beautifully with lots of jewels and looking really glamorous: “I have also awoken from my coma.”
Wesley: “It’s called a nap, Susan Lucci.”

There are actually four versions of this ad under the umbrella title “The Turns We Take”, only differing in Lucci’s costume and line, and Wesley’s reply. I was really lucky to see this one first, because it is definitely the best and the funniest of the four.
If anyone knows who plays Wesley, please leave a comment. I would really like to give him credit. Also the director and writer(s), though it’s possible Progressive’s in-house ad division acts as the company’s own agency, making behind-camera credits hard to find.

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