Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes in “Sherlock Holmes” (1954-1955) – Episodes 6-10 – reviewed by George

6. “The Case of the Shy Ballerina”
A man who wanted to write music for the ballet is found dead in a park, and his wife Mrs. Shelton, (Nathalie Schafer from “Gilligan’s Island”) tells Holmes that their recent trip to Russia was specifically made to attempt to have Serge Smernoff  (Eugene Deckers), a director of ballet, purchase “The Spider Web Ballet”, for his prima ballerina Olga Yaclanoff (Martine Alexis). Despite the temperaments involved Holmes solves the case.
Written by Sheldon Reynolds, Original Screenplay by Charles Early.

7. “The Case of the Winthrop Legend”
The legend says the heir will die with a gold doubloon in his pocket, and it seems to have come true. The older and younger Winthrop brothers are played by Peter Copley and Ivan Desny, with Meg LeMonnier as the younger brother’s wife. Holmes prevails despite the distractions.
Original Story by Harold Jack Bloom, Adapted by Sheldon Reynolds, and Directed by Jack Gage.

8. “The Case of the Blind Man’s Bluff”
Eugene Deckers also appears in this episodes and in fact will show up again in # 9. Here he gets top guest billing as Vickers in a tale of a ship’s crew being murdered one by one (on land). Involved are Jocko Faraday (Gregoire Aslan), Dr, Jonas (Colin Drake), Pitt (Yves Brainville), and the welcome return of Sgt.Wilkins (Richard K. Larke).
Original Story by Sheldon Reynolds, Screenplay by Lou Morheim, Directed by Sheldon Reynolds.

9. “The Case of Harry Crocker”
This is the perfect episode to demonstrate fully the light-hearted approach that Sheldon Reynolds imparts to the series. Guest Star Eugene Deckers plays Harry Crocker, an escape artist a la Houdini. Deckers exhibits incredible energy as he keeps disappearing and giving  Lestrade (Archie Duncan) apoplexy. But if he didn’t kill the chorus girl, as he claims, who did?
Original Screenplay by Harold Jack Bloom, Directed by Sheldon Reynolds.

10. “The Mother Hubbard Case”
Truly sinister and much less amusing because of it, this case involves the disappearance of men from normal days, simply walking from one place to another, and then never seen again – until Holmes finds the body of one in the fireplace of an abandoned home. However, we know that a little girl is central to the murders because the episode begins with the child claiming to be lost and enlisting the help of a prosperous-looking young man to find her way home. No jokes at all, but the best of these five.
Screenplay by Lou Morheim, Directed by Jack Gage.
Also features Sgt. Wilkins (Richard K. Larke), and it should be noted that at this point Archie Duncan is receiving billing at the beginning of each episode after Howard and H. Marion Crawford, who plays Watson so wonderfully.

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