American Gods (2017) – reviewed by George

This show has received the most gushing hype of any TV show that I can remember. Stuff like “Your new obsession” and something about “Someone will lose their throne”, a clear indication that that person likes this show better than “Game of Thrones”. So you read that, and then you see the show… and hype turns into advertising.
Okay, the acting is phenomenal, with solid performances from Ian McShane and Ricky Whittle as Mr. Wednesday and his driver Shadow Moon. But the real stand-out performers so far (I’ve only seen  the first two episodes) are Cloris Leachman (a real American treasure), Peter Stormare, and Gillian Anderson, almost unrecognizable as Lucille Ball! And yet – the pace is snail-like. Episode 2 features the longest checkers game ever on film. And Shadow gets released from prison three days early because his wife was killed that morning in a car accident. His trip home for the funeral, although not fully detailed, still felt to me as though I had traveled every mile with him. And the accident – a head-on collision with another car – is not original with Neil Gaiman, author of the book the series is based on, but is like folklore over many areas of the country (if not all of it)
So I’m faced with a choice. If I manage to see episodes 3 and 4 (already recorded) before the Episode 5 premiere tomorrow night, I may continue, somewhat against my will, and basically to see Gillian Anderson essay other famous female media stars. On the other hand I’m still doing post-surgery exercises three times a day, and while the stretching and flexing ones only take about 7-10 minutes, the first thing each time is elevating my feet for thirty minutes, during which I always fall asleep.
So, will I see 3 and 4 in a timely manner? Do I actually care enough about this fantasy to devote time to it? Well, the answer to that one is probably not. But stick around and keep reading. I promise to return to this debate-with-self soon.

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One Response to American Gods (2017) – reviewed by George

  1. nita166 says:

    Thanks so much for being on top of stuff while you are in recovery. As I said we have missed you!
    Now to business–George I am really on board with what you have shared here. It has all the markers and I should like it and want to watch it but for whatever reason (pace???) I just can’t seem to get into it. Another point I agree on is how the hype is just adds for it. They sucked me in, but only for a minute. I seemed to wise up to it. Maybe I’m done with blood, gore and post-Christ coming-humans failing shows. I don’t have any thing recorded or saved but I will make an effort to catch another showing just to make sure (such as you have) I truly hate it or don’t care.

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