American Gods (2017) – Part II – reviewed by George

So on Saturday I watched Episode 3 in which Mr. Wednesday and Shadow go to Chicago to rob a bank, but first they make snow. At last I saw a hint of the entertainment that the concept of gods fighting for control of the people of the world can provide.
Encouraged, I watched Episode 4. It dealt with the life and death of Laura Moon, but thankfully not chronologically. There were some really good moments, but again the snail struck and slowed the narrative way down. I’m sort of hooked, but mainly I’m waiting for more Gillian Anderson.
And bang! She plays two characters in Episode 5, which I recorded last night and watched tonight.The episode actually began with a GCI cartoon segment about people migrating across the Bering Strait to Canada. It concluded with this narrative quote: “The gods are great, but people are greater.For it is in their hearts that gods are born, and to their hearts that they return. Gods live and gods die.” Sounds like a summary of the series to me.
Anyhow, Gillian played two characters: a red-headed, blue-eyed woman, whom I could not identify, and Marilyn Monroe from “The Seven Year Itch”! Her Monroe was good, properly breathy and self-involved. And this will not be the last of Anderson as Monroe, because a preview the other day showed her doing “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”. Can’t wait!

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