20 Million Miles to Earth (1957) Reviewed by Anita: ***

Hey science fiction fans have you seen  this one?  20 Million Miles to Earth is a straight up classic in this genre.  Directed by Nathan Juran, it is a story about the United States first human expedition to Venus.  Actually the space ship crash lands on Earth returning from Venus.  Crashing into the ocean by a  small, remote fishing village off the coast of Sicily.  The movie starts out with a very exciting rescue scene as a fisherman risks his life boarding the sinking space ship to save anybody on board.  Showing no regard for danger or the fact there just might be monsters on that ship.

As you guessed it there are!  An Italian Zoologist (Frank Puglia) buys a strange egg from village boy whose father rescued the only survivor. This gelatinous mass hatches into a rapidly growing space monster.  Ymir (the reptilian Venus monster) rampages through Rome.

Americans and Italian armies join up.  Led by the Zoologist’s granddaughter Marisa (Joan Taylor) and our hero, the surviving astronaut, Calder ( William Hopper) an epic battle takes place.  I mean EPIC.  All coming to a massive, destructive halt at the Colosseum.  Ymir is driven into the Tiber while all around him the world  goes up in billions of pieces  with one of the best pyrotechnic finales on film.  Restoring all balance and harmony to the little Italian village.  Keeping the world safe.

Black and white, with special effects created by that wizard of special effects Ray Harryhausens this is a great Saturday night movie.  It is organic in the sense they had to build a story and make it work.  That (in my opinion) is what makes these types of film so charming.  How serious the silly becomes.  I love them!  If you like Godzilla, and are a fan of Flash Gordon, then be sure to add this one to your must see list.  You won’t be let down.

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