The Seven Percent Solution (1976) Reviewed by Anita: **

Director Herbert Ross has used Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character Sherlock Holmes in a most twisted fashion.  As a matter of fact, this particular film takes fact and fiction into a counter intuitive reality.  I don’t like it.  Which is odd because I usually really dig this kind of take on issues.

This crime mystery explores the destructive nature of cocaine addiction. Ross’ drama is an illustration of how cocaine leads to the deconstruction of Doyle’s charming, self-centered Victorian super brain .  As the story miserably marches one,  just when you get used to Watson ( Robert Duvall) being more wimpy than usual, and Freud (Alan Arkin)  treating Holmes (yes Sigmund Freud is Holmes’ doctor.  *rolling eyes) it turns into some kind of comedy adventure.  The whole thing is over the top rational irrational.

Trust me when I say Watson is over the top wimpy I mean it.  Also, in my opinion, this character was just in general annoying. Too annoying, to the point of ham over acted.  I realize lots of sites and blogs would disagree with me but I’m sticking to this statement: Watson Stunk. As for Freud, I found Arkin more tolerably.   OH and the ending!  As the film becomes some kind of wild cross-country chase I am just wanting an ending.  Sadly that comes, and I found that even less enjoyable.  However I don’t want to spoil it for you, let’s just say I was embarrassed for Nicol Williamson’s Sherlock.

Sorry 1976 missed this one.

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