Did you mean to say that? Comment by Anita 2017

I don’t know where to start?  As you know I watch commercials like mini-short-films.  I find them fascinating on a nauseating level.  They both irritate and entertain me at the same time.  Which means I pay attention to the crap they are pushing.  With that being said I have found some really stupid folks out there when it comes to marketing.   Sadly it is not just marketing, it is also anytime someone is on live TV.  For some reason news reporters have lost their ability to speak when the little red light goes on.

OK: complaint #1 is with Lysol.  The ad is telling us that Lysol is what keeps children from becoming walking germ monsters.  All is believable until this line, “children miss 250 million school days a year because of germs that Lysol prevents.”  WHAT!  I realize they are adding all the children together, however it sounds completely stupid.  There are not even 500 days in a year!  I’m thinking they can find a better way to get that idea out there.

Complaint #2: News reporters.  As I mentioned for some reason they can’t be live.  I was watching a broadcast about the Wall fire (in Northern California) and the reporter was very animated about how hard the firemen and women were working to put it out.  He explained that after speaking with the Fire Chief the crew was going to stay on the fire until it was contained completely.  OK…. So, are you saying they usually only stay around till it is under control enough to pass off the work to the homeowner?  Again, another stupid statement made about a common sense reality.

Have you heard something so outrageous you had to blink and listen again?  Share it with us!  We love hearing from you.  In the meantime really listen to that spokesperson – chances are they just learned how to speak right before shooting that commercial.

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