The Veil (1958) Reviewed by Anita ***

The Veil is an American TV series I accidentally ran across on Amazon Prime.  Produced by Hal Roach Studios, this Twilight Zone styled TV series never made it to TV.  The show was based on real life supernatural events, and it was hosted by Boris Karloff who also starred in the reenactments.

The reason it never made it to TV was problems within the studio.  Also the collapse of a preliminary co-production by National Telefilm Associates.  The whole series was cancelled after only 10 episodes. In the late 1960’s footage from several episodes was combined to make films for late night TV.  In 1990’s 10 episodes were released on DVD by a company called Something Weird Video.  You can read more about this series in an article by Tom Weaver titled “Lifting the Veil of Mystery” #29 of Cult Movies magazine.

I haven’t watched all of them but I did watch  #5 The Crystal Ball with Booth Colman and Roxanne Berard.  I will say it got my interest up and I plan on watching a few more.  If you are a Twilight Zone fan you really will like this take on that same format.  Give it a try one late night.

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