‘Will’ TV series (2017) Reviewed by Anita ***

Do you like Shakespeare?  Do you get what he is saying?  I do, and I do again.  A new series is airing Monday nights on TNT called ‘Will’ .  There are 10 episodes and it just started July 10 so you have time to catch up and  be current by next Monday.

The series is a fictional drama about the life of William Shakespeare when he was in his early 20’s trying to make a name for himself as a playwright.  He leaves his wife and three children to go to London to make this dream come true.  Shakespeare (Laurie Davidson) ends up selling a play to the theater owner James Burbage (Colm Meaney) and befriending the rest of the company.  Will is so good he pushes out the previous playwright and falls in love with the lovely Alice (Olivia DeJonge) who just happens to be Burbage’s daughter.

While seeking his fame and fortune he has a hard time making it in London.  He must keep his Catholicism a secret, come to terms with the fact he is in love with Alice, and keep his family going.  Not to mention living with the guilt he feels for the death of a playwright, the adultery he has committed, and that he will do it all again.    All the while he is fulfilling his heart’s desire and that is to be a famous playwright.  As he goes along trying to keep a roof over his head and paper to write on he finds himself saddled with the dying theater company to boot.

It has a very modern feel to it.  The sets are very well done, authentic.  I also give a two thumbs up to wardrobe.  As for character developement I’m in process of developing that opinion.  So far I like them all.  Even the bad guys.

Episode three is airing Monday July 24 th.  Hope you get a chance to check it out.  To watch or not to watch…. Now that is the question.

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One Response to ‘Will’ TV series (2017) Reviewed by Anita ***

  1. cobblerjon says:

    Great review! I really want to see it, and before reading your thoughts I had never heard pf it. Thanks!

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