Money Pit (1986) Reviewed by Anita ****

Have you ever lived with/through a remodel.  One at any level.  Be is as simple as installing a new bathroom vanity all the way up redoing the whole house?  Stressful is putting it mildly.  Nothing is on time, never comes in under budget, workers make a holy mess out of your home and you begin to  hate the family you live with.  Well, that is Money Pit all the way.

Directed by richard Benjamin this is a really funny family film.  Staring Tom Hanks as the attorney Walter Fielding and Shelly Long his live in girlfriend Anna Crowley who is a classical musician find themselves in on humdinger of a remodel.

Basically the story goes like this: Fielding and Crowley find themselves suddenly evicted from their apartment.  The apartment is being sublet from Crowley’s ex-husband, a self-absorbed orchestra conductor.  He returns early from Europe forcing Fielding and Crowley to find a place to live ASAP. Fielding learns from a really rotten realtor friend about a million dollar distress sale of a mansion for a mear $200,000.  The owner must make a quick sale to help her recently arrested husband.  She shows the house by candle-light and carries on with her sob story keeping Fielding and Crowley from seeing all the really bad bad problems.  The couple find the house romantic and decide to make they can make the repairs and buy the house.

Through a convoluted chain of connections Walter and Anna come up with the money and become first time home owners.  From the second Walter gets the key the house begins to show its true nature.  I mean problems such as the stair case collapsing, or the disgusting plumbing.  The bathtub crashing though the floor, the chimney falling completely down.  I mean PROBLEMS.

They live in the house all 4 months of this construction nightmare.  By the end all being said and done this rat trap is transformed into a beautiful mansion.  As the construction has its ups and downs so does the couple.  Their relationship parallels the woes and gains of the construction, And trust me it is funny.  Hanks and Long are untouchable in their roles.  As well as supporting cast.

Money Pit is almost a docudrama of what is going to go wrong when you are rebuilding a house,  while being filled from start to finish with comedic charm.

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