Riverdale (2017) Reviewed by Anita **.5

Are you a comic book fan?  Do you remember  Archie and his gang at Riverdale High School?  No worries if you are not into the comic book fan the series Riverdale is a fresh face to an old fun comic strip.  While currently on season 2 you won’t miss a beat if you started watching it now.  Riverdale is a TV drama centered around a group of teens living in Riverdale.  Episodes deal with the struggles of growing up and becoming adult.  Falling in love, and the best part uncovering mysteries about the town Archie and his gang live in.  Themes such as loyalty, and old family feuds are fun old fashion motives.  Each show builds nicely on the one before.  Currently the show is in season 2 and I’m behind but you can still catch season 1 on Netflix.

The cast includes KJ Apa as the handsome, all American ginger Archie Andrews.  His all American blond counter-part is the lovely Betty Cooper played by Lili Reinhart.  Her new best friend is the dark vixen Veronica Lodge acted by the  sexy Camila Mendes.  Cole Sprouse is the talented Jughead Jones and football king Reggie Mantle is the athletic actor Ross Butler.   This updated crew brings lots of sexy romance to the day-to-day challenges of high school mystery solving.

Season 1 story lines explore all the woes of being stuck in a small town, surrounded by crimes usually only Scooby Do handles.  I wouldn’t say the acting is Oscar-winning but as the characters develop I see the acting improve.  Chemistry is becoming more natural.  Hardcore followers of the comic book might not be so happy with the creative connections the show is taking.  I like it, it’s fresh.  According to BuzzFeed (2015) the crew in print went through a major make over.  I checked it out and the cast look very much like the updated comic.  I must confess I haven’t read the comic since childhood but that hasn’t stopped me from watching the show.

Looking for something that doesn’t take a lot of brain power but can be a fun  watch I say give Riverdale a try.

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