My Christmas Prince (2017) – reviewed by George

This is a new Lifetime movie that works very well.
We know, largely from watching movies like this, that love conquers even great differences in background and experience. So the basic idea is a common one. But it is rare (and wonderful) to find one of these films that so skillfully uses actors from memorable shows of the past, and here there are five.
The educator Samantha (Alexis Knapp), who has just accepted a prime post as director of the NYC Summer School Initiative, and the European prince Alexander Theodore William Hendricks (Callum Alexander), who is on a long-term diplomatic mission for his country, Madelvia, have been dating for a while. She knows him only as a diplomat. Now with Christmas approaching she must return to Maple Falls, Wyoming, and he must return to Madelvia, because both sets of parents expect the normal Christmas visit. But they don’t want to be parted, so he tells the King and Queen that he plans to visit a friend in Wyoming for Christmas.
This does not sit well with the royals, so they dispatch the queen’s secretary and right-hand woman Felicia to “oversee” the prince’s holiday. And of course to call for reserves if needed.
Now this is a great, though unoriginal, setup, but as I said it is made very, very special by the casting of people we (or least I) love.
Samantha’s parents are played by Pamela Sue Martin (Nancy Drew, Fallon on Dynasty) and Parker Stevenson (Frank of the Hardy Boys, Craig on Baywatch).
Felicia is played by Marina Sirtis (counselor Deanna Troi on Star Trek the Next Generation and Lucrezia on a Jeremy Brett Sherlock, to be reviewed next year).
Alexander’s parents are played by Jane Carr (Louise on 90 episodes of Dear John, and 113 credits overall) and Charles Shaughnessy (145 episodes of The Nanny and 111 credits overall).
And of course younger actors play important supporting roles under the seven stars. There’s Samantha’s best friend in New York, who comes to Wyoming to be sure Sam is okay, Leanne (Tyler Clark), and Sam’s old boyfriend Patrick (Brad Benedict), and the royal who has been led to believe that she will be Queen one day, Baroness Clara Jensen (Catriona Toop), who constitutes the reserves, though not called by Felicia, but dispatched by Queen Helena. A nice romance of two people in love until the girl discovers the boy is a prince and they are quite different, and a fine piece of nostalgia. I would like to see more movies using favorite actors from favorite shows.
Story by Jeffrey Schenck, & Peter Sullivan, Written by Hanz Wasserburger, Directed by Sam Irvin.

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